Bugs Bunny CTF 2k17 - mysterious! | Akash Trehan

Bugs Bunny CTF 2k17 - mysterious!

Bugs Bunny CTF

Points: 75


i ran the binary but no password match but believe this is another simple reverse engineering challenge . rev75.zip

This was an interested challenge, which helped me learn some more of pwntools.

Initially running ./rev p4ssw0rd gives

good but no flag for you hihihi xD

In case you’re wonder why p4ssw0rd, I got it from the Strings subview in IDA (shortcut: Shift+F12). Never a bad idea to go through the strings in the binary. You can also run strings on the binary if you don’t have IDA.

The binary had 815 functions with names of the form a*, each containing a 12 character string which looked like base64. So I decided to extract them using pwntools. Here goes:

from pwn import *

# Load the ELF file
e = ELF("./rev75")

base64str = ''

# Go through all 'a*' functions
for i in range(815):
    func_addr = e.symbols['a' + str(i)] # Read address of function
    str_addr = u32(e.read(func_addr+17, 4)) # Read address of base64 blob
                                            # Note: The blob is at 17 bytes offset to the function
    base64str += e.read(str_addr, 12) # Read base64 blob (12 bytes in length)

image = open("flag.png", 'w')

image.write(base64str.decode('base64')) # Write to file

Note that I didn’t know in advance that the base64 string will give a PNG image. I wrote to a file, ran the file command on it and realised it was a PNG file.

Open flag.png and you have your flag.

Go through other writeups for more such fun challenges.

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Akash Trehan

Akash Trehan


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