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A Python library for symbolic mathematics.

SymPy is a well developed library with great support for various mathematical manipulations required in the field of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. Being completely in python its a little slow and hence the project SymEngine is being developed to act as a fast core for SymPy. I don’t have a lot of contribution in this project but I have read through some of its code which has been helpful in developing features for SymEngine.

A short description of My Pull Requests in SymPy:

  1. PR #10714(Unmerged) - Added complete functionality for Inverse hyperbolic function acsch.Added Tests.

  2. PR #10721(Merged) - Fixed typo in documentation of asech function.

  3. Issue #10717(Open) - Issue about missing acsch function which I fix in PR #10714.

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Akash Trehan

Akash Trehan


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