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Mozilla's webapp for displaying the results of Web-platform Tests.

Wptview is a project which was started under Mozilla’s Quarter of Contribution. I have not spent much time on this project. I have a couple of contributions in it though.

A short description of My Pull Requests in wptview:

  1. PR #47(Merged) - Incorporated filter objects to a single JSON object. This was my first encounter with AngularJS and I loved it. It makes things so much easier and reduces the amount of code as compared to the same thing done in jQuery or JavaScript. I recommend using AngularJS in web projects.

  2. PR #82(Merged) - Added an error message panel at the bottom of the page for a neat view of the errors. The commits from this PR were moved to PR #95.

This project is under developement. Contact @martiansideofthemoon if you would like to work on this.

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Akash Trehan

Akash Trehan


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