Infosec Institute n00b Level 2 | Akash Trehan

Infosec Institute n00b Level 2

Points: 20


Level 2 Description


Seeing that the Image was broken I went to the source code to check why. There could have been two reasons - the file is not present at the path specified for the image or the file is not a proper image.

Level 2 Source

I clicked on img/leveltwo.jpeg to open the file and it did exist. Hence the file can’t be an image otherwise it would have shown up on the page. I downloaded the file from here. You can also download it from here. Just open the link and press Ctrl + s to save.

To see what kind of file it is I used the file command:

file leveltwo.jpeg

I got

leveltwo.jpeg: ASCII text

Oh Yeah! So we got something. Its simple text and not a jpeg image at all. To see its contents I used

cat leveltwo.jpeg

I got aW5mb3NlY19mbGFnaXNfd2VhcmVqdXN0c3RhcnRpbmc= . This is a cryptic looking string. Since it is alpha-numeric and has = I suspected it be base64 encoded. I decoded it from command-line:

echo 'aW5mb3NlY19mbGFnaXNfd2VhcmVqdXN0c3RhcnRpbmc=' | base64 --decode

Voila! There’s the flag.

Flag: infosec_flagis_wearejuststarting

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Akash Trehan

Akash Trehan


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