Infosec Institute n00b Level 3 | Akash Trehan

Infosec Institute n00b Level 3

Points: 30


Level 3 Description


I saw two suspicious things on the page - a QR code and a 90% complete progress bar. I went to the source code and saw the progress bar was hardcoded to remain at 90% and hence it is just a distraction.

Then I read the QR code using an online utility. Seach for QR Code decoder decoder on Google. You’ll find plenty of them. I used

This is what I got.

Decoded QR

This surely looks like Morse Code. I used to convert this to ascii text. I got INFOSECFLAGISMORSING.

This gives away the flag.

Flag: infosec_flagis_morsing

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Infosec Institute n00b Level 2
Akash Trehan

Akash Trehan


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