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Bandit Level 14

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Level Goal:

The password for the next level can be retrieved by submitting the password of the current level to port 30000 on localhost.

Commands you may need to solve this level

ssh, telnet, nc, openssl, s_client, nmap

Helpful Reading Material

How the Internet works in 5 minutes (YouTube)(Not completely accurate, but good enough for beginners) IP Addresses IP Address on Wikipedia Localhost on Wikipedia Ports Port (computer networking) on Wikipedia


We logged into this level using the private ssh key and not the password so currently we don’t have the password. But we can take a look at the password(for Level 14 only)since we know all passwords are in etc/bandit_pass directory.

cat /etc/bandit_pass/bandit14

To submit the password to localhost I used nc command.

echo 4wcYUJFw0k0XLShlDzztnTBHiqxU3b3e | nc localhost 30000


Level 15 password: BfMYroe26WYalil77FoDi9qh59eK5xNr

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Akash Trehan

Akash Trehan


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