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The Right way to use Sublime Text

Sublime Text

After having used sublime text for about 2 years the wrong way, I have finally learnt my lesson. I am going around the internet looking for ways to be more productive with Sublime Text.

Sublime Text is a swiss army knife with all forms of tips and tricks up it’s sleeve. These include but are not limited to keyboard shortcuts, creating projects and code snippets.

I will keep listing down interesting things I find so this blog will be updated regularly for a few days. Remember to try out these tricks hands on as you read through them else they won’t get registered in your mind.

So let’s get started!

  1. Next Occurance of a word cmd + d (Mac) | ctrl + d (PC)

  2. Multi-cursor cmd + Left moust click | ctrl + Left moust click

  3. Column selection alt + left click drag | shift + right click drag

  4. Split selection into lines cmd + shift + L | ctrl + shift + L

  5. Move cursor to beginning of line cmd + left arrow | home

  6. Wrap selection with html tag ctrl + shift + w | alt + shift + w

  7. Move line vertically cmd + ctrl + arrow | ctrl + shift + arrow

  8. Duplicate Line cmd + shift + D | ctrl + shift + D

  9. Delete Line ctrl + shift + K | ctrl + shift + K

  10. Indent line cmd + [ or ] | ctrl + [ or ] (Also Edit -> Line -> Reindent for indentation of selection)

  11. Paste & Indent cmd + shift + V | ctrl + shift + V (Very very useful!)

Again, do try all this out by yourself!


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